Concierge Service Isn’t Just for Hotels and Doctors

Concierge Service Isn’t Just for Hotels and Doctors

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Abio Properties is a thought leader on providing concierge real estate service to every home seller.


If you follow real estate news, you’ve probably heard about how some of the nation’s big-box brokerages are launching “innovative” and “new” concierge programs for home sellers.

Agencies like Compass, Coldwell Banker, and other big names are pouring money into promises that they’ll help cash-strapped home sellers get their properties ready for market fast.

Their services including upfront, no-interest loans for cleaning, painting, repairs, upgrades, and staging.

But guess what?

This kind of white glove treatment and help with pre-sale prep isn't new at all, as Abio co-founder Linnette Edwards points out in a recent op-ed published by Inman, a respected industry news site.

Independent and boutique brokerages like Abio Properties have offered concierge service for years, just as many individual agents have been financing no-interest loans to sellers for pre-sale improvements.

In the recent op-ed,  Linnette and co-author Troy Palmquist, broker/owner of The Address in Southern California, explain that “the concierge trend is less of a revolution and more of a really good marketing campaign” by cookie-cutter companies funded by a fast flow of new tech money.


Read the full Inman article here.


Linnette and Troy are industry thought leaders, and they argue that bigger is not better when it comes to real estate brokerages and luxury-level customer service.

Independent brokerages are passionate about providing profoundly local, personal, and concierge service to clients.


Here’s what indies like Abio excel at:


  • We’re available 24/7
  • We know the local market intimately – how much homes are selling for, which demographic is buying them, and which home improvements will attract more buyers with deeper pockets.
  • Our agents recommend only those home improvements that provide a great Return On Investment (ROI). They won't waste your money on an expensive kitchen remodel when a new coat of paint and cabinet refacing will do.
  • Each agent has a solid team of go-to handymen, inspectors, contractors, painters, stagers, landscapers, professional real estate photographers, and videographers.
  • We can serve as your project manager so the seller doesn’t have to be bothered with scheduling repairs and other home prep details.
  • Some agents provide loans for ROI improvements. Then the happy home seller repays the no-interest loan upon closing.

The bottom line: Great independent brokerages have and will continue to foster close client connections because of their unique company cultures, supportive and innovative programs, and deep local knowledge.

We call that concierge.

Abio is boutique by design so we can offer true concierge service to our clients and agents.


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