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Abio Cares is an East Bay volunteer project.
It’s about you. It’s about home. It’s about community. It’s about time. Join us!

Abio Cares is is a grassroots program committed to giving back to our East Bay community. Our volunteers donate their time to coastal cleanups, winter coat drives, animal rescues (see Take Me Home Tuesdays below!), packing food at the Alameda County Community food bank, and so much more.

Take Me Home Tuesdays!

At Abio Cares, we find homes for more than just people! Each Tuesday, we post photos of pets we’d love to give a chance at life.

Mistletoe: Two-year-old Mistletoe is a kind, sensitive girl with a soft heart. She is shy at first, but patient guardians will discover that, once earned, this gentle dog’s love and affection are second to none! Mistletoe is a wonderful little lady who will benefit from a steady, predictable daily routine and a quiet, low-key home atmosphere to help her come out of her shell a little! Mistletoe has a liver shunt, which means that blood coming from the GI tract bypasses the liver. This can cause a buildup of ammonia that causes neurologic signs. Her condition is currently managed with diet, lactulose stool softener, and an oral antibiotic–all 3 of these things must be continued lifelong. A specialist has estimated Mistletoe’s life expectancy to be one year, but she could live longer, or her health could decline sooner.

Adopt Me!

Yukon: Three-year-old Yukon is a spunky, energetic lad who’s a bundle of fun! Between going on long walks, running around at the park, playing with toys, and exploring new places, this is a guy who prefers to be in motion as often as possible – though he certainly wouldn’t mind a few pets and belly rubs at the end of a long and fun-filled day! He currently weighs 64 pounds.

Adopt Me!

Joe: My name is “All American Joe”. I know it’s kind of a mouthful and it’s also kind of funny. BUT…to explain… I was born on the 4th of July. My friends just call me “Joe”.

I’m a healthy one and a half year old GSD with a thick black and tan coat and I weigh a big, strong, and athletic 80 pounds. I’m playful and friendly and will be lots of fun for my new family.

I love to play with other dogs my size but seem to have a high prey drive so no cats for me please. Sometimes I get excited around little dogs too. Oh..some practice meeting other dogs while I’m on leash would be good for me.

I have boundless energy and will love an active adopter – someone who will provide me with lots of fun and exercise. Experience with us working breeds is a must and I’ll also need someone committed to teaching me the basics and then some as I really haven’t had much training. I take treats gently so that will be helpful!

I have a stable demeanor. I’m not bothered by lots of activity like playing children, bicycles, remote control cars etc. And I used to live with older children.

I was terrific in the car on the ride to my foster home and I have nice house manners.

I also totally enjoy hanging out with my people. I follow my fosters around like a shadow and I will lay forever for a good brushing and/or massage.

I have a wonderful zest for life and can’t wait to settle in with my new people. My new friends at BAGSR say that I will be an awesome, fun pal for an active adopter.

Adopt Me!

Shadow: Eight-month-old Shadow is a sweet little ball of fur and so cute too. She will need a little time and patience in a new environment so she can develop her confidence. Once she does, she blossoms into an affectionate and outgoing sweetheart who just can’t seem to get enough petting and she’ll happily purr non-stop to show her appreciation. She also enjoys having her soft coat brushed which will bring on even more purring. Interactive wand play with her people is something she simply can’t resist, and watching her little paws move at the speed of light will keep her new family entertained for hours. Shadow is a little sweetheart and she’ll be your new best friend in no time.

Adopt Me!

Geary: One-year-old Geary is an active boy who is always ready for the next adventure. He is well aware of his good looks and is a total charmer. He is looking for an active household where he can be stimulated both mentally and physically daily and would even make a great second dog.

Adopt Me!

Mozart: Nine-year-old Mozart is a big, handsome gentleman with dazzling green eyes who enjoys soft petting and gentle attention. He is looking for a quiet home where he can lounge on the couch, stretch his paws, and snooze the afternoon away. He would also enjoy having a sturdy cat tree by a window so he can soak up the sunlight while watching birds flutter by. Help him feel safe and loved, and he will reward you by becoming your best cuddle buddy. When everything is quiet and dark, he will affectionately snuggle by your side through the night while drifting off into sweet dreams.

Adopt Me!

All animals are spayed, neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and ready to go home with you. If you have a full house, consider a temp gig as a foster pet parent.

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