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Cameron and Linnette

Partners, Brokers, Founders

With a quarter century of experience between them, and hundreds of properties bought and sold, it’s only natural that Cameron Platt and Linnette Edwards would have worked together a few times. Cameron recalls, “I have always seen Linnette as a colleague, not as competition – but she will raise your standards.” According to Linnette, “when you interact with another broker who challenges you and improves your game, even from the other side of the transaction, it can be really transformative.”

So when they considered running a brokerage together, “our visions and work ethics were so aligned, we couldn’t think of a reason why we shouldn’t,” explains Cameron. “It just crystallized,” notes Linnette, “like ‘Ah, I get it.’” And so Abio was born.

“We knew that our clients and our work as a whole would benefit from an agency culture that embraced the transparency, collaboration and innovation that each of us really valued,” Linnette points out. “So we set out to build Abio – along with the tools to enable it – for ourselves and for agents who ‘get it.’”

“We thought, ‘what if we could distill our business down to its most elemental parts and then pick and choose our favorite bits to concentrate on’,” Cameron recalls. “If the most rewarding things that I do fill the bulk of my time, I am fulfilled. It’s not too complicated.”

Cameron and Linnette each bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Cameron is a “recovering” attorney with over 12 years of successful experience as a broker. Linnette is a top 1% producer with over 14 years in the industry. Both are adamant that their success comes down to how well they serve their clients.

Their spouses, Nicole and Tammy, are indispensable to the team with their marketing acumen and rich industry background.

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