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Mariah Bradford

REALTOR ® | DRE: 01936977

A lifelong resident of Lamorinda, Pleasant Hill, and Martinez, Mariah Bradford combines her 25+ years experience in sales and marketing with an in-depth and very personal knowledge of the area. Tirelessly energetic, Mariah is well known for her drive, hard work, and thoroughness on behalf of her clients as she incessantly thinks outside the box.

A prominent local equestrian, she can also offer expert insight for horse and ranch property purchases and sales with her professional working knowledge of large property issues, including but not limited to permitting, conservation, environmental, drainage, boundary disputes, well, septic, animal, and farm equipment concerns.

Notably, Mariah has twice appeared on “David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks”, is an avid Peet’s Coffee drinker, and has three children all enrolled in local schools.

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Years in Real Estate


Appearances on David Letterman

Remarkable Facts About Mariah & Andy

  • Over $135,000,000 of Real Estate sold
  • Average Sale Price 104% over List Price
  • Seven days median on market
  • 14 days average on market
  • 30+ sales with professional Investor and Flipper groups, 20+ VA and FHA sales
  • Garvin Thomas Making it in the Bay
  • David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks Twice, including Best of David Letterman All Time Greatest Stupid Pet Tricks
  • Multiple 1031x sales, Vacant Lot sales, and Manufactured/Mobile home sales both on acreage and in parks
  • Accredited Staging Professional (ASP)
  • National Association of Realtors GREEN Designation for advanced education in areas of energy efficiency and smart building practices


  • Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE)
  • 2017 Sworn in as Residential Real Estate Expert by Contra Costa County Superior Court
  • 10/7/22 Listed the highest price per square foot for a home EVER sold in Sherman Acres Pleasant Hill (46 Cleopatra)
  • #1 Highest Number of Sold Vacant Lots in Briones/Martinez 2013-2022
  • 4/5/22 Listed the highest priced 3 bedroom Torrey Pines Concord home EVER sold (1431 Bel Air #C)
  • 5/20/22 Listed the highest priced 2 bedroom Torrey Pines Concord home EVER sold (1449 Bel Air #B)
  • 6/15/22 Listed the highest priced small (>910sf, 2bed/1ba., no garage) Condo EVER sold in all of Concord (1455 Latour #22)
  • Listed the highest priced Westborough South San Francisco 3-bedroom home EVER sold (2442 Wright Ct) (10/5/21)
  • Listed the highest price per square foot home EVER sold in Martinez under 60 acres on Reliez Valley Road (2380 Reliez Valley Rd)
  • Listed the highest priced Harbor View Martinez home EVER sold (2240 Harbor View)
  • Listed the highest priced EVER sold Hidden Lakes Martinez Home under 2400sf without a pool through 1/1/22 (2143 Spring Lake)
  • 3/3/17 Sold highest priced home EVER in Vista Diablo Concord (record held through Feb 2019) (970 San Simeon) then I took the record back again 2/20/20 with 2962 Minert.
  • Listed the two highest priced homes EVER sold in The Colony Concord through 1/1/2020 (4243 Dubhe, 4231 Dubhe)
  • Listed the highest priced Country Club San Ramon home EVER sold without a pool (7386 Sedgefield) through 1/1/2020
  • Listed the highest price per square foot 4-bedroom home EVER sold in the Hayward Highlands through 1/1/21
  • Listed the highest priced EVER sold 3-bedroom Mobile/Manufactured Home in Sunvalley Villages Family Park and 1-bedroom Mobile/Manufactured Home in Dalis Gardens Senior Park through 1/1/18
  • Listed the highest priced 4-bedroom without a pool EVER sold in Muir Oaks Martinez through June 2021

What Clients Say About Mariah

“She didn’t need to, but she did anyways’ should be her motto. She met us where we were and was amazingly responsive, professional, and above all, kind.”

Sandra L. 8/1/22  Seller

“…Two hours later we got a singing telegram – ‘You’re in escrow!’ Our jaws dropped. Mariah nailed it. She nailed the offer date, the offer price, and the property has been everything our checklist required.  Kudos to Mariah and Andy for making it happen!!!!”  Paula W. 7/27/22  Seller & Buyer

“Her hard work through through the preparation of the disclosure documents to the showings left no stone unturned and garnered multiple offers. It was a great relief to know that everything was handled correctly. Her enthusiasm and kindness are an added bonus to all who meet her. We give Mariah the highest recommendation and are so thankful for meeting her.”

Judy F.  3/19/22  Seller

“She inherently understood that our humble condo on Detroit Ave in Concord was our biggest asset and treated it with respect. She created a feeding frenzy over our condo and we got well above our initial asking price and expectations. She is incredibly responsive. She always treated us like a high priority. I could not recommend her more.”

Kacey J. 3/2/22  Seller & Buyer

“We have now used Mariah twice in the last three years, buying and selling a house. No one is better and more willing to fight for you than Mariah. I do not doubt that she single handily made us an extra $50K on both ends with her skills. I recommend her to everyone looking for an agent.”

Matt L. 12/27/21  Seller & Buyer

“Mariah will make sure you are being smart and she won’t let you make any stupid decisions. She will have your back 100% of the time and will go toe-to-toe with anyone that even looks at you funny! The list goes on and on about how wonderful Mariah is.” Jeff G. 8/19/21  Buyer

“She will get you exactly what you want if you are buying and will sell your house in one weekend if you are selling. She goes above and beyond her professional duties and her expertise is astounding. More than anything, I trust Mariah one hundred percent and the fact that she is my entire family’s real estate agent and currently the agent for a very close friend who I recommended her to says it all.”
Marlene M. Seller & Buyer

“Our home sold for way over asking and we credit Mariah with making that happen. From her initial assessment of our house to the final paperwork, Mariah is there tracking all the small details to all the major milestones”

Elliott N. 4/15/21  Seller & Buyer

“Trust her, she knows what she is doing, she has great suggestions, and when it’s all over and done, you will feel like you made a friend in the business. ”

David B. 2/28/21  Buyer

“She went above and beyond for us so many times during our home sale. From helping us pack our moving truck, cleaning up the yard herself, providing names of trustworthy contractors, staging, and constant communication, she truly is a full-service real estate agent.”

Judith G. 11/5/20  Seller

“I’m a control freak, and she was able to get me to let go and trust her, and I’m so glad I did. Her skills are broad and she has endless knowledge of pretty much everything valuable in life. Mariah was also available all the time to answer my constant questions and pestering. Further, she’s known for setting sales records and our house was no exception. We accepted a great deal, way over asking, at the highest price our neighborhood has seen”

Brooke A. 4/24/20  Seller & Buyer

“Mariah Bradford is a top notch real estate agent that will bravely fight tooth and nail for you until the battle is victorious in a blazing glory.”

Chris O. 4/20/20  Buyer

“She personally directed all the house upgrades and preparation, corresponded with us most every day providing updates and status of the work, handled all the negotiations and payments. I really appreciated her regular visits to our house to check on the quality and status of the work. She came in about 15% under budget which was an added surprise. ”

Rob R. 2/22/20  Seller & Buyer

“With a striking level of detail she assessed our specific situation through evaluation of our needs, wishes, our home’s status and even took the time to kneel down to our littlest child to ask what she needed…She made a point to work with our difficult schedules. She has a knack for tremendous gritty hard work to make your house for sale look like everyone’s dream home. It was not just a home sale, or a home purchase for her. It was a passionate drive to help us make our lives better in a deep real way.”  Alyson Z. 1/14/20  Seller & Buyer

“Mariah is a fantastic advocate for new buyers and keeps it real; qualities my husband and I were looking for in a realtor. She was a great negotiator and kept our best interest in mind.”

Amy P.  5/19/19  Buyer

“If you want someone who will be in your corner from start to beyond finish and protect and fight for you every step of the way, then you’ve found her. I could go on for days but to put it simply… Mariah is the Honey Badger of Real Estate…To say she goes above and beyond doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

Krista L. 5/16/19  Seller & Buyer

“Where to begin? I needed to sell my equestrian property, and… I was going to interview several realtors, but after meeting with Mariah I did not feel the need to meet with anyone else. Mariah was focused, knowledgeable, energetic, and was going to make things happen…She was always available to answer questions, and was on top of the whole process. She closed the sale for more than the listing price, and at the close of escrow helped so much with my partial 1031 exchange, helping my CPA who had never done a partial 1031 exchange before.”

Chris B. 12/4/18  Seller

“Her expertise is apparent. She is very resourceful and has a “magical” crew of persons that she works with that make wonderful things happen to obtain the goals the homeowner wants.”

Karleen B. 7/2/18  Seller

“One morning Mariah called us and said “You have to come see this house I found, right now”. Both my husband and I immediately left work and met her at this house. We knew as soon as we walked it that it was the house for us.”

Arwen D.  7/1/18  Buyer

“Some say buying a house is stressful. I agree, it can be—but it’s pretty hard to be stressed when you have someone who could easily find work as a stand-up comic for your real estate agent….Mariah is a fierce advocate for her clients. She’s also hardworking, responds promptly to any messages, and is a very strategic negotiator” Terri N. 3/18/18  Seller & Buyer

“Some say buying a house is stressful. I agree, it can be—but it’s pretty hard to be stressed when you have someone who could easily find work as a stand-up comic for your real estate agent….Mariah is a fierce advocate for her clients. She’s also hardworking, responds promptly to any messages, and is a very strategic negotiator” Terri N. 3/18/18  Seller & Buyer

“I hired another friend to sell our house because he’d been our realtor for many years, but things got messed up and the first offer fell through. When I called him to talk how to deal with the issue all I could think was “what would Mariah do?” I ended up firing him and hiring Mariah. That decision resulted in a $75K difference”

Laura D. 10/20/17  Seller

“Mariah is persistent, patient, savvy, and very, very smart. Even in an overheated bidding environment, Mariah has her finger on the pulse of the market and knows how high to bid to get you your best shot at obtaining the house you want without overpaying. She also has significant experience with respect to investment properties and in renovating properties that need updating.”

Gwen S. 8/9/17  Buyer

“When our buyers got cold feet and wanted to back out of the contract, she immediately called their realtor and somehow salvaged the deal. She definitely worked a miracle on that one! If we ever move back to the area, we will be calling her first!” Megan F. 7/26/17  Seller

“Hire Mariah because you do not want her to be on the other side.”

Dennis B. 11/27/16  Seller

“If you are looking for a realtor to represent you as she would her own family. PICK MARIAH!”

Poppi W. 9/11/16  Buyer

“My best advice to anyone deciding on a realtor would be to trust Mariah and let her do what she does best. I truly believed that, and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined.”

Janet W. 4/30/16  Seller & Buyer

“I started working with Mariah on our purchase of a home some time in 2013. We had a short sale on our previous property and time constraints were preventing us from purchasing another house. That did not stop Mariah. She would not give up on us like so many other realtors did.”

Tracy H. 11/21/15  Buyer

“A few months ago, in a town far far away, an Oakland couple was looking to escape the city and find a quiet home in the Lafayette area to raise their two boys. It was then that they forged an alliance with Real Estate Jedi Mariah Bradford. She was able to use the Force to find us the perfect home in the neighborhood we desired. Her knowledge of the Lamorinda area remains unmatched and her ability to stay calm speaks to her value. Mariah’s light saber (her cell phone) never leaves her side and she wields it with precision. Anyone who aligns with her is one step ahead of the rest. The Force is strong in this one!”

Eric H. 10/29/15  Buyer

“At our first meeting, Mariah told me, “Just hand me the keys and walk away. All you have to do is wait for your check!” She wasn’t kidding. THAT’S the type of service all realtors should provide…Bottom line is, with Mariah, you get a professional realtor, designer, marketing expert, construction crew, and friend in one delightful package. And lots of laughs along the way. I cannot recommend her enough!”

Valerie S. 9/16/15  Buyer

“By the way she attended our every need, I could have SWORN we were her ONLY clients. So imagine my surprise when I find out she’s magical. How else could someone give such great service to so many people at the same time?! Magic. That’s how… I would recommend Mariah to anyone. Her commitment to excellence precedes her. She is dedicated and has an enthusiastic attention to detail that would serve anyone like royalty.”

Courtnie J. 8/22/15  Seller & Buyer

“If it weren’t for Mariah and her creativity, we would not have been able to buy the house.”

Jennifer B. 8/21/15  Seller & Buyer

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