“Ask an Agent” Ep 2: How Do I Hit a Grand Slam in a Seller’s Market? (Shocker: Your House Won’t Sell Itself No Matter How Hot the Market Is)

“Ask an Agent” Ep 2: How Do I Hit a Grand Slam in a Seller’s Market? (Shocker: Your House Won’t Sell Itself No Matter How Hot the Market Is)


When real estate conditions lead to a hot seller’s market, you literally can stick a “For Sale” sign in your front yard and get the price you want without breaking a sweat. Right?


In this episode of our "Ask An Agent" video series, the experts at Abio Properties explain why today’s home sellers should take nothing for granted. Tune in for low-cost, easy-to-execute tips that can improve your home’s appeal and attract higher bids.

Featuring advice from associate brokers Elisabeth Watson and Jeanne Trombly and agent Krista Miller.


Episode Notes


1. Tailor your marketing and staging to your target buyers

For example, home offices are important to today's buyers, with one recent survey finding that 58% of people working remotely during the pandemic want to keep it that way. That means your staging definitely should include a home office.

Pandemic era buyers also are on the hunt for homes with expansive backyards for playtime, gardening, and entertaining in the fresh air. Elisabeth counsels sellers to make it special: Well-groomed, colorfully planted, and staged for fun and relaxation.

Place an outdoor sectional set on the patio, a hammock under the tree, or even a corn hole game on the lawn to help buyers imagine – and want to pay for – the lifestyle you are selling. (But edit your outdoor decor so it isn't too cluttered.)


Staging an outdoor dining space


2. Curb appeal: First impressions still matter most 

A National Association of Realtors survey found that curb appeal is very important to 71% of home shoppers. That means beautiful landscaping, front porch staging, a freshly painted front door, and modern house numbers can help sell a home faster and for more.

Otherwise, buyers might take one look at your weedy front lawn and faded entryway and make all kinds of assumptions about how well the rest of the home has (or hasn't) been maintained.

Remember, you won't get a second chance to make a first impression.


clean landscaping for curb appeal


3. Sell the neighborhood

You can boast about your home's beauty until you are blue in the face, but you won't hit that sale out of the park unless you sell the neighborhood, too. A survey by NAR found that 63% of buyers say the quality of the neighborhood is a crucial factor when shopping for a home.

Jeanne suggests home sellers work with their real estate agent to write a seller's letter describing why they fell in love with the home and neighborhood. Include a map highlighting favorite markets, restaurants, parks, farmer's markets, schools, and other attractions. Additionally, we've seen some creative testimonial videos featuring neighbors gushing about their 'hood.

Here's a terrific example of a "sell the neighborhood" flier that Krista and partner Rosie Papazian created for a recent listing:


sellers neighborhood guide example


4. Details, details, details

Krista, who has a discerning eye for detail, is having a major moment with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

She tells sellers who are dealing with weathered house numbers, scratched heater grates, or rusting whatevers to save money by painting them instead of replacing them. It's a resourceful way to minimize waste and avoid trashing something that is perfectly functional. Specifically, she loves Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic. (And, no, she's not being paid for this plug. But maybe she should be!)

oil rubbed bronze paint


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