Load These 11 Killer Real Estate Apps Now

Load These 11 Killer Real Estate Apps Now

Buying? Selling? Stalking a house that’s not on the market yet? There’s a real estate  app for that!

We asked our Abio agents about their favorite real estate apps for buying and selling homes in the East Bay. Beyond the MLS basic providers like Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia, we got some surprising answers.

Here are 11 real estate apps our agents don’t want to live without:

  1. Photo Measures - Wondering if your farmhouse table will fit in a potential new home? Use this app to take photos and note the dimensions. Save and share measurements. Abio Properties Realtor Shannon Prokup can’t recommend this app enough. “It allows me (and clients) to take and save measurements of rooms so they don’t need to go back and re-measure.”


  1. Color Capture by Benjamin Moore - Says Abio Properties Realtor Nicole Platt: “I am no designer, but I like to be able to speak well to paint colors, so I like to use Benjamin Moore's app. It allows you to take a picture of a pillow, couch, etc., and by tapping on the photo, the app will identify the matching paint colors.”


  1. Docusign Ready close the deal? Docusign lets you prep and send documents and complete in-person signing right from your phone.


  1. Mortgage Calculator - Put away your pencil and scrap paper. This tool estimates monthly mortgage payments with taxes, insurance and more. And while we’re talking dollar signs: this app is free.


  1. AroundMe - Looking at a property in an unfamiliar neighborhood and wondering what amenities are nearby? Use AroundMe to search for businesses, restaurants, theaters, markets and attractions.


  1. Dwellr - This app was created by the U.S. Census Bureau and provides detailed neighborhood data about the residents, home values and more.


  1. GreatSchools - Find out how good the schools are in your community. Schools are given a 1-10 score.


  1. WalkScore - This leading measure of neighborhood walkability is a must-use app for the Bay Area house hunter who wants to drive less. Search by commute time and find nearby public transit.


  1. RealtyTrac - Get detailed information for nearly any residential property, including foreclosure status, market value, property characteristics, property taxes, sales history, open loans, equity and much more. Even for properties that aren’t for sale. (See something you like? You could always leave a note …)


  1. 360 Panorama - Don’t have a drone handy to snap aerial photos of your property? Well, here’s an inexpensive tool for sellers who want to use tech to show off their house. Just spin around in a circle with your phone, and the app stitches pictures together to create a 360-degree image.


  1. Breathe2Relax - And, finally, we know the real estate process can be stressful. Luckily, there’s an app for that, too. Now, inhale… exhale...



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