Happy Endings: Meet the ‘Take Me Home Tuesdays’ Pups and Cats Who Found Their Fur-ever Homes

Happy Endings: Meet the ‘Take Me Home Tuesdays’ Pups and Cats Who Found Their Fur-ever Homes


East Bay animal rescue


We are celebrating the 2nd anniversary our Take Me Home Tuesdays program, Abio's partnership with East Bay animal rescues that are helping homeless dogs and cats find their fur-ever homes!

In 2019, we featured more than 40 strays who needed loving homes, sharing their photos and stories on social media every Tuesday. And now we are thrilled to share news and pics from their happy adoptions.

You see, Abio Properties finds homes for more than just people!

Take Me Home Tuesdays is a project of Abio Cares, the community service arm of Abio Properties. We partner with ARF, the East Bay animal rescue founded by Baseball Hall of Famer Tony La Russa, and the Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue. Both organizations strive to keep stray pets out of kill shelters.


Remember these lucky 2018 adoptees?


One story that especially touched our hearts in 2019 was that of Jewel, the 5-year-old calico cat pictured below who was shot with a BB gun before she arrived at ARF in Walnut Creek.


Take Me Home Tuesdays | Abio Properties


When Jewel first showed up, ARF's staff didn't know about her injury. They only knew that the otherwise friendly feline shied away from people when their hands neared her shoulders.

"It wasn't until ARF's veterinary clinic ordered a set of x-rays that the root of the issue came to light. Jewel had a 4.5mm BB lodged between her shoulder blades," according to the organization, which had the pellet removed.

"After weeks of socialization with volunteers, Jewel made major strides accepting basic petting. This vastly increased her chances of finding a happy home. And, when that perfect person came to ARF, Jewel rubbed right up against her leg and enjoyed a petting session that ended in adoption."

As the folks at ARF put it, Jewel shined through adversity.


East Bay animal rescue

Jewel with her new adoptive mother. Photo courtesy of ARF.


Another featured fur baby of 2019 was 3-month-old Pippin, the German Shepherd pictured below, who won over his new adoptive parents with his playful curiosity and canine smarts. He already knew how to sit and shake!

His new guardians (pictured at the top of this post) whisked him off to start a life together in Montana, where he'll have a big brother – another shepherd – to show him the ropes.  Photos courtesy of  the Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue.

Now, enjoy more photos of 2019 Take Me Home Tuesday rescues who are settling in with their new families...

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Photos courtesy of ARF


To learn more about Take Me Home Tuesdays and our work with East Bay animal rescues, contact Abio Properties at 888-400-ABIO (2246) or hello@abioproperties.com. Abio Properties is a boutique real estate agency with offices in Oakland and Lafayette.