Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue is searching for a true rescue hero – we need a miracle.
Warning – grab some Kleenex and pull your dogs in close!

Meet Boomer and Sunny. These 9 year old purebred GSD's  met their owner for the first time on the day they were born. At eight weeks old they went home with her and have lived their entire lives together. Sunny is a sweet, compliant easy going girl. Boomer is a silly, slightly worried, smart boy who wobbles like a drunk due to some hind end instability. Both are best friend dogs who love to be together and love people.

Here is where our eyes begin to fill with tears. Boomer and Sunny have an owner who loves them. They are the center of her life but tragically early onset Alzheimers has stolen her ability to care for herself or her beloved dogs.  She did not abandon them, she did not take them to a shelter, she cared for them until it was no longer possible.

We are sharing this story because we all think about what would happen to our dogs if we were unable to care for them.  Boomer and Sunny have been constant companions and they have been loved.

Alzheimers is something we think about for elderly people but this form strikes before age 65. Ability to make decisions or perform simple tasks becomes impaired, relationships are strained or ruined as paranoia sets in and memory eventually ceases to exist. The person who cared for these dogs everyday of their lives is now the one who needs the care.

Alzheimers is a devastating disease and for these two sweet dogs it means that the world they have lived in revolved around their owner and her ever shrinking world.

She is in a safe place now and Boomer and Sunny need a miracle. They are senior dogs and Boomer has significant hind end weakness. They need a place who wants them to be companions while their owner works in the garden. Short strolls to keep things interesting and soft beds to lay on.  They will need care in their senior years and they have had minimal exposure in recent years so they will do best if they don't have to share their home with other dogs.

We know that being entrusted with a gift like this is a great responsibility and also one that is only given to someone deserving of the task.  We hope this post will bring a hero for Boomer and Sunny so they can continue to live out their lives as well loved dogs. It is also our hope that it will bring awareness about Alzheimers.

We asked the family if we could share the story and if they would choose a charity that we could ask that the adoption fee be donated to. After much thoughtful research they chose The Fisher Center for Alzheimers Research Foundation.

We are begging for a miracle for this brother and sister - can you open your hearts and lives to Boomer and Sunny? Are you the one they are waiting for? They are staying with a kind hearted relative in Walnut Creek and we would love to introduce you.

If you are interested, please contact Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue.