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Sound Off: What are the most common maintenance pitfalls when selling or buying a home?

  • 09/10/18 | SF Gate

A: It’s hard to fix what you can’t see. Many homeowners don’t climb up in the attic, go into crawl spaces or drill into stucco to check for pest damage. They would rather ignore it and hope it will go away.

However, when it comes time to sell, a pest report prepared by a local and reputable company will be a huge asset. It will educate potential buyers on the condition of the unseen, assist them in budgeting for repairs and updates and make a confident offer.

As a buyer don’t forgo the home warranty and don’t forget to use it. Revisit the reports annually and renew your policy as needed.

Whether buying or selling, don’t just knock on wood. Early detection is your best line of defense.

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