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Sound Off: What are some common regrets among buyers, sellers?

  • 07/20/18 | San Francisco Chronicle

A: Have you ever cut your own hair? If you have, you probably regretted it instantly.

If you haven’t, you probably realize that just because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean you should. The biggest regret I hear over and over again is: “You were right. I/We should have listened to you.”

When making critical life decisions like buying or selling real estate, it’s best to involve a trained professional who will help you avoid regrettable decisions, like when a seller foregoes repairs, declines to stage a property, or when a buyer doesn’t write a letter, make their best offer on their dream home or thoroughly research the neighborhood in which they are buying.

Following the advice of an agent who has your best interests at heart is the best way to avoid regret in the biggest purchase of your life. Unlike that time you gave yourself bangs in kindergarten.

Linnette Edwards,
Abio Properties,

Cameron Platt,
Abio Properties,